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Each student has repeatedly come across such a task as writing an essay on a topic.

This is mainly due to the fact that in such a work there are no clear boundaries and you can fully enjoy the process of writing an essay. But nevertheless, as in any other text, there should be structure and the essay should consist of an introductory, main part and a summing up at the end. And it is the writing of the final part of the essay that often causes difficulties for young authors.

As a rule, many students begin to write the main part in the first place.

This is the right approach, since the introduction and the final part is the decoration of your essay, and you need to decorate only the finished work. After writing the main part, you can write an introduction and conclusion, based on the information that you managed to get for the main part. But if in the introduction it is clear that you just need to rephrase the topic of the essay and write some catchy words that will attract the attention of readers, then what to do with the final part of the essay? What should be this part in volume and what information should it contain?

There are many approaches on how to best complete your story, but there are a set of specific methods that will definitely help you. You can write an essay in 2 days, but why, if you can do it much faster and more efficiently?

Reread your essay and try to briefly and succinctly express the main idea that you are trying to convey to your readers. Consistently, as in an essay, express your conclusions after what has been written, remind you of the main aspects of the problem you are studying. In addition, the use of this technique will help you better understand your essay, work out a certain consistency of the text and emphasize the main thing.

Since your essay is dedicated to a specific problem, it can be considered the thesis of your text.

Starting your story with a certain statement and, as you write further, acquainting your readers with the course of your thoughts, in conclusion you can again submit the first, main idea of ​​your essay. This is a very good technique, because after reading the text, understanding the topic of an essay can be completely different.

According to the common rules for writing an essay, in conclusion, you need to write already known information. That is, there is no need to invent anything new; all the information you need to conclude is already in your text. You just need to read your essay again and retell the main points in abbreviated form. Remember that the conclusion should be capacious, but informative. This is where the “brevity is the soul of wit” rule works. Some professional essayists say that the ideal conclusion should fit in one sentence. But this skill is only available to a few thanks to many years of practice. In our case, writing an informative conclusion on several sentences would be an ideal result.

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