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The task of writing an essay is a common task in many schools, colleges and universities.

Essays can be on completely different topics, it can be politics, art, history, or any other science or topic. Depending on the topic, your essay may be complex or simpler. At school, teachers ask fairly simple topics so that the student can learn how to express their thoughts on a piece of paper. And if the topic of how you spent your summer can be dealt with in a few hours, if you try hard, then what to do with more voluminous topics where you need to not only collect the necessary information, but also conduct your own research.

You can start with a simple one: you can write essay name on a piece of paper and assume that the first step has been taken. But this is only the beginning, therefore, be patient and start reading literature on the topic of your research. You will need this literature so that you can formulate your own opinion and share your opinion with your readers.

Having written the outline of the essay and completing the writing of the main part, you are sure to think about how to write the final part? Writing an introduction is quite simple, but the conclusion is one of the most difficult parts of the essay. You can’t just literally repeat the information used in the main part.

For example, reasoning about the future is an aspect that is often used when writing an essay.

Since the essence of the essay is not an analytical genre, and its main characteristic is journalism, philosophical discussions on the subject of the problem sometimes occupy the lion’s share of the work. In the essay, speculation is appropriate. Theorists studying this genre have said this more than once, therefore, a look in the essay forward and thoughts about what the development of this problem will be in the future will be a very accurate conclusion to your text.

Publicistic essay also implies communication with the reader.

At the end of the essay, you can invite your readers to debate with you on this topic, asking a rhetorical question or calling for action, which in turn will certainly interest the reader, make them think after reading.

Trying to finish the essay, you should not simply state the thesis presented at the beginning. After reading the essay, the opinion about the problem can change dramatically, but for this you need to help your readers achieve this, help to reach a higher level in their conclusions, end with a phrase that will definitely make you think, come to certain conclusions yourself.

Inserting a quote in the conclusion is inappropriate.

The arguments and statements of famous authors and figures can and should be used in the main part, but you should only submit your conclusions to the reader, showing what exactly you came to after analyzing this problem, and there is no need for new information.

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